2009 Committee:

Ruskin (Chair) -

Not that my name is mysterious, but I'm a Reason Producer mostly into making drum & bass, dubstep, breaks and techno. Not that it's all I listen to, but it's a bloody pain to record anything with Reason so that's just what comes out.

Dave (Treasurer) -

Hello all. My name's Dave, and I like to produce funk when I'm not producing jazzy drum & bass. I love being a second pair of ears, so drop me a line if you need another opinion. Peace.

Matt (Secretary) -

Alex (Equipment manager and Radio representative) -

James (Podcast manager) -

Hi I'm James, I produce Drum & Bass/Breaks/Dancefloor kind of music using FL Studio. No specific genre really… when I'm djing I play Drum & Bass. You can listen to my music and the odd mix at http://www.facebook.com/drummekanik or http://www.soundcloud.com/drum-mekanik.

Jamie (Publicity manager) -

Finally, another way to procrastinate using FL studio to make a bit of everything, mainly dnb/dubstep/electro/'trancey shit' n trip hop.

Sam (DJ Agency manager and Events manager) -

Hi I'm Sam and I've been DJing for just over 2 years and more recently started producing too. I play various styles of house: deep, tech, tribal, funky, disco etc, and try to produce some too in Ableton Live. Check out http://blog.djsmb.co.uk to download some of my mixes and for links to facebook and soundcloud!

2010 Committee:

DJ Chainz (2009 Marketing manager and 2010 Chair) -

Hi I'm chainz, a longtime dj and producer. I'm into anything, but currently focusing on experimental DnB and especially Dubstep, producing in ableton live 8. Hope you enjoy joining our society, if you have any questions or want any advice I'm glad to help! You can find me on facebook at http://facebook.com/chainz

Will (2009 Production manager and 2010 Treasurer and Radio representative) -

I produce/DJ dubstep, drum & bass and ambient. I'm also guilty of loving breakcore but not having the cocaine to produce it with. Little known fact: I like psychedelic rock quite a lot.

Tom Spurling (Secretary and Podcast manager) -

Hello, I am Tom. I study computing but don't want to talk about it. I produce music, previously using Logic but now I suppose I'm the resident REAPER 'expert'. No specific genre really, but generally varying combinations of electronic sounds and recorded guitar.

Fabian (Production manager) -

'sup. I'm Fabian, and you all already know me but I'll join in anyway. I play classical & bluesy piano/keyboards and produce weird but melodic IDM-y stuff. With a bit of everything else thrown in.

Íñigo (Equipment manager and Publicity manager) -

I'm Íñigo. I'm the analogue head around here. If I had the money I'd be surrounded by cables, buttons and funny lights but since I don't I've opted for building them myself… so if you're into any DIY stuff, let me know! I also do an experimental radio show on IC Radio http://thebigracket.blogspot.com/

Jim (2009 and 2010 Webmaster)

Hel-lo. I am Jim, the one who takes drum & bass and dubstep, and manages to make it monged out and depressing. I play piano/keyboards, and beatbox, and I'm responsible for the huge mess that is the Music Tech Forum. I can't beatmatch, but I'm fairly competent in Ableton Live and Sonar

Olu (Events manager) -

Hi my name is olu, im a dj but have been producing for a bit...I do a lot of hip hop, bmoreish electro houseish stuff to be specific lol and loads of mashups

Tom Martin (DJ manager and Social secretary) -